Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

Effective Sep. 21 2023

November 2023 Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance

Effective as of November 27, 2023, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is now a federal mandate. This law sets forth stringent requirements that must be adhered to by all entities operating within the pharmaceutical supply chain. Its primary goal is to establish robust unit-level tracking mechanisms for prescription drugs throughout the supply chain, thereby simplifying the protection of patients against counterfeit or illicit medications.

The DSCSA applies to all "dispensers," encompassing healthcare providers in various settings such as health systems, hospitals, community or specialty pharmacies, and independent community practices engaged in dispensing or administering pharmaceuticals subject to enhanced unit-level tracking as defined by the DSCSA.

Global Location Number (GLN)

A Global Location Number (GLN) serves as a unique identifier for business locations within the supply chain. This distinctive number, licensed by GS1 US, is assigned to pinpoint specific locations or business entities participating in the supply chain. A GLN is mandatory for all locations and plays a pivotal role in meeting FDA tracing requirements. It is one of the essential data fields (alongside GTIN, Lot, etc.) integrated into the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) messaging standard, which is vital for DSCSA transactions. For more information, please visit the GS1 website https://www.gs1.org/search/gsone/GLN.

Transaction Information and Transaction Statements (T2)

MeyerDC customers will soon receive their Transaction Information and Transaction statements by logging into an online portal. Customers will receive an email instructing them how to access the portal prior to November 27, 2023, and will continue to receive emailed statements until that time.

For Customer Inquiries

Should you have any questions or require further information, please direct all inquiries to DSCSA@meyerdc.com.

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Effective date: Sep. 21 2023