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VASYLI Medical Orthotics

Studies show that 75 percent of people experience foot problems at some point in their lives. These problems are common in all types of patients from children to seniors, from top athletes to people with sedentary lifestyles. Designed to be easy to use, affordable and effective, you can count on VASYLI Medical products to relieve your patients’ pain and add profit to your bottom line.

Foot Orthotics Driven by Innovation, Backed by Evidence

With decades of product development and clinical experience VASYLI Medical continues to bring you the very latest generation of custom heat-moldable orthotic solutions, as well as signature orthotics designed by the world’s most respected authorities in lower-limb biomechanics.

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Why Do VASYLI Medical Orthotics Work So Well?

VASYLI Orthotics are effective because they control foot function in all three cardinal planes: frontal, transverse, and sagittal. They call it Triplanar Motion Control™.

Features that help with Triplaner Motion Control:

  • Rearfoot Angular Restraining Mechanism™ (ARM) controls frontal plane motion (calcaneal eversion).
  • Sustentacula Tali Control™ (STC) influences the control point for the rearfoot wedge.
  • 1st ray plantar flexor assists function of the 1st ray, a major stabilizing influence in the forefoot.
  • Lateral grid prevents lateral shifting of the heel cup during the strike phase.
  • Metatarsal raise assists function of the metatarsals' “transverse arch.”
  • Deep heel cup stabilizes heel position to maximize control.
  • Sorbon™ shock dot dissipates force along the angle of strike.
  • Rubbed nylon with Footfresh™ eliminates odor and moisture buildup.

The VASYLI Custom Orthotic Heat-Molding Process

See how easy it is to heat mold VASYLI Medical orthotics to give your patients a custom fit.

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