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VASYLI is a brand driven by innovation, grounded in science, and backed by evidence. VASYLI orthotics help to realign the lower limb to its natural angle, which may help relieve to relieve a multitude of common complaints. With decades of product development and clinical experience VASYLI Medical continues to bring you the very latest generation of custom heat-moldable orthotic solutions, as well as signature series VASYLI inserts designed by the world’s most respected authorities in lower-limb biomechanics.

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Offers a number of biomechanical benefits and provides maximum shock-absorption for walking, running and sports, producing comfort and lasting pain relief for the wearer.

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Why Do VASYLI Medical Orthotics Work So Well?

VASYLI Orthotics are effective because they control foot function in all three cardinal planes: frontal, transverse, and sagittal. They call it Triplanar Motion Control™.

  • Rearfoot Angular Restraining Mechanism™ (ARM) controls frontal plane motion (calcaneal eversion).
  • Sustentacula Tali Control™ (STC) influences the control point for the rearfoot wedge.
  • 1st ray plantar flexor assists function of the 1st ray, a major stabilizing influence in the forefoot.
  • Lateral grid prevents lateral shifting of the heel cup during the strike phase.
  • Metatarsal raise assists function of the metatarsals’ “transverse arch.”
  • Deep heel cup stabilizes heel position to maximize control.
  • Sorbon™ shock dot dissipates force along the angle of strike.
  • Rubbed nylon with Footfresh™ eliminates odor and moisture buildup.

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VASYLI Medical Orthotics FAQs

Here are answers to the top ten questions you and your patients may have about VASYLI Medical Orthotics. For additional information, contact your MeyerDC representative.

Q: How Long Do VASYLI Medical Orthotics Last?

A: The longevity of VASYLI orthotics will depend on your patient’s weight and activity level. When fitting orthotics be sure to select the appropriate density for your patient’s lifestyle or physique. Typically, VASYLI orthotics last 12 to 18 months.

Q: Can You Reheat VASYLI Orthotics?

A: Yes, VASYLI orthotics can be reheated if needed. However, you cannot "regenerate" the rearfoot control by heat-molding. Instead you’ll need to use rearfoot additions. VASYLI orthotics will not mold under body heat generated in the footwear.

Q: Do They Have To Be Worn As Pairs?

A: Generally speaking, yes. Orthotics balance the lower limbs so they should always be worn as pairs, even if pain is experienced in only one foot or limb.

Q: What If The Patient Really Feels Them In The Arch?

A: Arch intolerance is the most common complaint when fitting orthotics. The primary cause is a lack of rearfoot control, which allows the foot to still collapse onto the arch profile of the orthotic. Check for subtalar neutral with your patient standing in the footwear with the orthotics. You can usually reduce pressure in the arch area by externally rotating the leg and palpating the talarnavicular joint to neutral. Add rearfoot posting to maintain a more neutral alignment. If discomfort persists, check for a forefoot varus deformity.

Q: What If The Patient Gets A Blister In The Arch After Running?

A: Patients should wear the product to comfort before running or performing high levels of activity in them (see question 8). See question 4 for ways to address arch blistering or ongoing intolerance in the back or mid-arch area. Arch blistering may also be due to forefoot varus. A forefoot medial wedge may be required to prevent the medial forefoot from collapsing onto the forward medial arch profile of the orthotic when the foot fully loads through midstance phase.

Q: What Are The Orthotics Made Of?

A: VASYLI Medical orthotics are made primarily of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a microcellular foam used extensively in the midsole of most quality sports footwear. The EVA has polymer additions to stabilize the material during the heat-molding process and to extend the life of the product. Other compounds used are polyurethane (PU) and Rebound EVA (for shock absorption). The top cover is brushed nylon.

Q: Do They Have To Be Heat Molded?

A: Not necessarily. Feedback indicates that at least 80 percent of practitioners find they do not need to mold VASYLI orthotics to achieve good compliance and control. VASYLI heat-moldable orthotics are pre-configured for the majority of foot types. Heat molding simply offers you the ability to fine-tune the orthotic prescription.

Q: Should They Be Worn In?

A: Yes. VASYLI should be worn "to comfort." If a patient experiences discomfort in the feet, knees, or back, remove the orthotics for a few hours or for that day and return to use the next day, repeating the process as needed. Generally, it shouldn't take more than 3 to 4 days to achieve comfort that lasts all day. If a patient experiences ongoing discomfort you should review his or her prescription.

Q: Do They Fit On Top Of Existing Insoles?

A: No, remove all insoles within the footwear before fitting a patient with orthotics. If the orthotics are fitted on top of existing insoles, it will "de-tune" the prescription’s effectiveness and may contribute to arch intolerance, as will well-worn footwear. As a general rule, if the footwear has a full-length insole fitted, it should be replaced with a full-length orthotic.

Q: How Are They Cleaned?

A: VASYLI orthotic covers are impregnated with an antibacterial / antimicrobial compound to eliminate odor. If the products require general cleaning, wipe over with a damp cloth using a mild soap solution, rinse, towel dry, and air naturally. Do not expose the orthotics to any external heat source. Do not soak or machine wash.