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VASYLI Medical Custom Orthotics

With heat-moldable custom orthotics from VASYLI Medical, you can offer patients a custom product without a hefty price tag. Designed for a wide variety of patient weight and activity levels, there is a solution in this collection for everyone.

MeyerDC Vasyli Custom Red

Vasyli Custom Red Orthotics

High Density

VASYLI Custom Red Orthotics are high-density orthotics ideal for athletes, high-activity individuals and overweight (200 lbs.+) patients.

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MeyerDC Vasyli Custom Blue

Vasyli Custom Blue Orthotics

Medium Density

VASYLI Custom Blue Orthotics are medium-density orthotics for patients of average weight (120-200 lbs.) and activity levels.

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MeyerDC Vasyli Custom Green

Vasyli Custom Green Orthotics

Low Density

VASYLI Custom Green Orthotics are low-density orthotics for patients who require special consideration such as seniors, patients with diabetes, or arthritis sufferers. They work best for those who weigh 120 pounds or less, including children.

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MeyerDC Vasyli Custom Shock Absorber

Vasyli Custom Shock Absorber

Maximum Shock Absorption

The Vasyli Orthotic Shock Absorber offers a number of biomechanical benefits and provides maximum shock-absorption for walking, running and sports, producing comfort and lasting pain relief for the wearer.

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MeyerDC Vasyli Custom Extended Slimfit

Vasyli Custom Extended Slimfit

Flexible Base

With Custom Extended Slimfit Orthotics from Vasyli, wearing high heels, ballet flats, men’s dress shoes, cycling shoes and other narrow styles doesn’t have to stand in the way of your patient’s treatment. The flexible base allows easy contouring of the shank of the shoe. The rearfoot angle is reduced to 2 degrees due to the “high-heel factor” (tibio talar axis), which inverts the foot as the heel is raised. The thin sulcus extension gives comfort under the metatarsals.

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MeyerDC Vasyli Orthotic Additions

Vasyli Orthotic Additions

Custom Positioning

In addition to our wide range of orthotics, we offer products—such as wedges and heel raises—to address specific problems, such as a forefoot valgus abnormality or equinus condition.

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