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Jobri® manufactures ergonomic and comfort products for the back and neck, including chairs, cushions, wedges, traction units, lumbar supports, foot stools and more.

Why choose Jobri?

Specializing in “Supporting Healthy Lives,” Jobri manufactures ergonomic and comfort products for the back and neck, including cushions, wedges, lumbar supports, foot stools and more.

Over the years, Jobri’s R&D efforts have resulted in the development of more than 25 products for back and posture support. This R&D work, combined with the company’s longstanding reputation for quality, makes Jobri a reliable source for the products you typically prescribe to help your chiropractic patients experience less pain, stand straighter, sleep better and improve their overall comfort.

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MeyerDC is your source for these and other Jobri orthopedic products:


Jobri cushions and Jobri seat wedges provide comfort and support while sitting or reclining, helping to relieve tailbone pain, sciatic nerve pain and disc problems, while promoting better posture.

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Mor-Loc Cervical Collar

The Mor-Loc cervical collar by Jobri provides comfortable, all-day support for the head and neck. It is excellent for patients recovering from minor neck injuries as it allows the neck to stabilize and heal.

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Criss-Cross/Sacral Supports

These Jobri orthopedic lumbar supports provide firm yet flexible support that conforms to the lower back and abdomen, helping to stabilize the lower spine and relieve pain associated with strained muscles, herniated discs, sciatica and sacroiliac joint issues.

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BackTone Posture Trainer

This lightweight harness with an attached sensor teaches the user to stand straighter by beeping or vibrating each time the user begins to slouch.

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All Jobri Products

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