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In order to provide an exceptional shopping experience from start to finish, we've revamped our MeyerDC™ website. It's faster and easier to find the information and order the products you need. Reference our FAQs guide below for pointers on how to navigate the new site and use its updated features and functions.


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Manage Your Account

Ample features such as these make it easy to Manage Your Account.


  • • Edit your profile
  • • Change your shipping or billing address
  • • Update your credit card
  • • Review your order history
  • • Create lists of favorite products
  • • Read your product reviews
  • • Manage your email subscriptions


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Learn more about the products you buy, before you buy them.


  • • Zoom in on high-quality images to see exactly what products look like
  • • Check ratings and reviews to see what others thought of the item
  • • Watch a video to learn more about the product

Stay informed on what's most important in the health and wellness industry.


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Our ordering process is efficient and enjoyable, just like working with our sales and customer service teams. Get what you need, and then get back to business with our single-page checkout.


  • • Enjoy extra perks like Favorites Lists when you create an account
  • • Check out as a guest
  • • Track delivery of your merchandise
  • • Try our order approval process for businesses