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Go Inside the RockTape 2016 Movement Summit

Dr. Abby Kramer recounts her hands-on learning experiences from this year's Movement Summit, hosted by RockTape and featuring lectures by Sports Chiropractic experts Dr. Eric Goodman, Dr. Steve Capobianco, Michol Dalcourt, Amos Rendao and Dr. Tim Simanski.

Advanced Recovery Systems

Helps patients dramatically decrease swelling while increasing circulation and recovery time.

Now's Your Chance to Learn About DNS

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) developed by professor Pavel Kolar, PT, PhD, a Czech physiotherapist, is a manual and rehabilitative approach to optimize the movement, based on the principles of developmental kinesiology. Learn more about DNS and sign up for the upcoming seminar now.


DC Review: Dr. Rob Silverman and NormaTec Recovery Systems

Want to improve patient outcomes and increase referrals while creating alternative revenue sources for your practice? Watch Dr. Silverman's video and learn how he uses the compression boots with patients and why you should have the NormaTec in your office too.

Embrace the Chill

Made with 6% menthol in a convenient roll-on application, RockTape's RockSauce Chill will help patients move stronger, longer without burning aches or pain. Other soothing ingredients include aloe, arnica and green tea so patients with sensitive skin can experience the frosty, pain-free delight of RockSauce Chill.

Move Better, Recover Faster

Fusionetics Performance Healthcare System can help you understand, monitor and improve patient performance at all levels. It relies on an evidence-based model to give you the most up-to-date technology for testing and analyzing movement, in the palm of your hand. Try a FREE trial now.

Ahead of the Pack

Dr. Rob Silverman was recently named Chiropractor of the Year by the ACASC, and we had the chance to discuss his accomplishments, past and previous mentors, as well as what he likes best about chiropractic. Get to know Dr. Silverman's "Mark Twain" moment and how that impacted his belief in chiropractic healing.

The 4 Steps You Need to Know

It's easy to get caught up in the daily rush of patients, but Dr. Ray Foxworth of ChiroHealth USA urges you to change your management style with the 4 simple steps that will alleviate "office fires" and other stressful distractors. Make sure you're offering the best patient experience with Dr. Foxworth's advice.

Incorporate Sports Techniques for Prenatal Patients

Dr. Lisa Goodman shows you how to incorporate sports chiropractic care into your prenatal treatment protocols. She shares how kinesiology tape, soft tissue mobilization and activator methods can safely improve common pregnancy aches and pain. Learn how you can better serve your pregnant patients now.