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Free Greens First® EndFlame Inflammation Marker – Advanced Webinar

Join Dr. Don Hayes, DC on Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 12:30 p.m. EST

for a FREE 1-hour Zoom webinar, EndFlame Inflammation Marker – Advanced.

During this seminar, we’ll discuss:

  • Nutritional protocols and dosage information based on research that you can begin to use immediately to get better results and increase referrals.
  • Clinical information and research that supports EndFlame Inflammation Marker.
  • And more.

Exclusive webinar promotions will be available!

This webinar is only available to licensed, active-in-practice chiropractic professionals.

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Greens First EndFlame Inflammation Marker

What Is the EndFlame Inflammation Marker?

The EndFlame Inflammation Marker was developed to provide clinicians an evidence-based, finger-stick, cell inflammation blood test marker to assess a patient’s “Omega-3 Status” and accurately prescribe nutritional support for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.*

Researchers found the most accurate way to determine the therapeutic dose of EPA and DHA needed to achieve protective levels in support of tissue inflammation is by using a patient’s Omega-3 Status. That status can only be obtained through direct measurement of the blood using the Omega-3 Index.

Why Is Omega-3 Status Testing Important?

When practitioners prescribe random or “one-size-fits-all” Omega-3 dosage without taking a patient’s “Omega-3 Status” into consideration, using a less than therapeutic dose may not deliver the protection needed to resolve cellular inflammation and maximize outcomes.*

Eating fish or taking a label claim dose of Omega-3s does not guarantee a healthy Omega-3 Status. With the EndFlame Inflammation Marker, you’ll be able to determine the initial therapeutic dose needed and change blood test results in as little as 3–4 months.*

How Does It Work?

When you follow the EndFlame Inflammation Marker protocols, a patient’s Omega-3 Status is measured, managed, and monitored through safe, natural, researched-based blood testing and nutritional protocols that support the body’s ability to repair itself and reduce cellular inflammation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Debakey Heart & Vascular Center research that says, “Measuring a patient's Omega-3 Status using an Omega-3 blood test is the only accurate way to determine if the prescribed Omega-3 dosage you’re recommending is achieving protective levels.”
  • Harvard Medical School research from Charles Serhan, PhD, an internationally recognized expert in inflammation, discovered the mechanism that causes cellular inflammation and how to resolve it. Dr. Serhan’s research found potent anti-inflammatory compounds in the blood made from Omega-3s that he named Resolvins because they resolve all types of inflammation.
  • Debakey Heart & Vascular Center Research sheds new light on measuring a patient's Omega-3 Status in order to maximize the anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega-3s and improve patient outcomes.
  • Harvard Medical School research published by Zachery NaPier, MD, a Harvard fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeon, found by using the Omega-3 Status blood test he was able to prescribe a therapeutic dose of Omega-3s to reduce systemic inflammation in lumbar spinal injuries.
  • How to Read an EndFlame Blood Test & Understand What It Means.
  • Cost of the EndFlame Program to Patients & the Practitioner.
  • How the EndFlame Inflammation Marker Works & How to Discuss Pricing with Patients.
  • An Effective & Easy Report of Findings to Use the Dosage Chart for Better Outcomes.
  • How Simple & Easy It Is to Implement EndFlame Inflammation Marker in Any Practice.
  • Nutritional Protocols and Dosage Information Based on Research That Practitioners Can Begin to Use Immediately to Get Better Results and Increase Referrals.
  • Clinical Information and Research That Supports EndFlame Inflammation Marker.
  • How Much Omega-3 Supplement Is Enough.
  • Easy Ways to Streamline EndFlame Testing and Implementation.
  • Greens First Nutrition Clinical Pearls.
  • Protocols on All Greens First Products.
  • And Much More…

What Doctors Are Saying About Endflame

Dr’s Personal Clinical Results

Personally, I’ve lived with chronic pain for 47 years at a level of 6 out of 10 even with regular chiropractic care. On the EndFlame Protocol, I’ve reduced my level to 2, an improvement of over 300%. My patients are extremely impressed with their EndFlame lab results and how I use them to recommend the therapeutic dosage of Greens First® Omega-3 850s & Greens First® PRO Polyphenol Powder.

I recommend EndFlame for yourself and all patients to help improve musculoskeletal outcomes!

- Dr. John Dowling, DC, Flemington, New Jersey

Dr’s In-Office Clinical Trial

I’m a chiropractor who’s been trained in Functional Medicine and typically prefers to use food to help musculoskeletal outcomes instead of supplements. I personally went on the EndFlame Program and followed the protocol of using the two Greens First® supplements and retested. I was shocked to find both my EndFlame lab results not only improved but completely in the normal range.

I, then, conducted my own in-office clinical trial on 10 patients following the same EndFlame protocol and had all 10 blood test findings improve. I’m so completely sold on the EndFlame Program that I made a brochure that I give to all my patient’s recommending the blood test and the supplements.

Do your patients and practice a BIG FAVOR and make sure every patient gets the EndFlame blood test and follows the Greens First® supplement protocol!

- Dr. Kim Maycock, DC, Gillette, WY, 82716

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Must be licensed, active in practice and attend the entire program.