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Graston Instruments, Not Tools

Instrument: A device designed to do careful and exact work

What makes the Graston instruments different from IASTM tools? They’re designed with unique craftsmanship and skill so you can rely on them to deliver careful and exact results for proper soft tissue mobilization. These certified instruments will provide the outcomes you and your patients expect and deserve. That’s why only certified, trained clinicians use these finely crafted, precision instruments.

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Why Are Graston Instruments Special?

Graston instruments are specially designed to detect and treat soft tissue lesions. You’ll be able to detect fascial adhesions and restrictions with improved precision and care.

In addition, the Graston Technique® instruments are used to diagnostically follow the kinetic chain to locate the specific area of discomfort and to treat the cause of the symptom.

GT is the originator of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) technique in the manual therapy industry and has spent 20+ years educating physical therapists across the country.

Graston Technique Instruments In Use

Graston Instruments Only Available to
Certified GT Providers

The Graston Technique® certification brings clinicians access to the specialty instruments available only to certified GT providers. A full set of six instruments includes all of the unique pieces that you need for every treatment technique. With this set of instruments, you can effectively treat the adverse effects of scar tissue and fascial restrictions using your training and instruments together.

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