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Greens First EndFlame

Cell Inflammation Blood Test

Don’t Guess When You Can Test

EndFlame lets you measure and then treat chronic inflammation. This finger-stick blood test by Greens First is a “fee for service” product that can let you know if your patient is suffering from an Omega-3 deficiency, a condition indicating the presence of chronic inflammation.

  1. Patient collects finger-tip blood sample.
  2. Patient mails sample in postage-paid envelope.
  3. Results are delivered to provider via email.
  4. Provider follows up with patient to recommend diet and lifestyle steps for reducing inflammation.

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Chronic Inflammation Symptoms / Related Conditions

Chronic inflammation is associated with each of the conditions below. Learn about the effects of chronic inflammation on health and how dietary changes and anti-inflammatory nutrition can support a return to health.

Muscle & Joint Pain

Neck & Back Inflammation

Healthy Cellular Aging

Healthy Weight Management

ADHD Behaviors

Risk of Dementia & Memory Loss

Greens First EndFlame
Greens First EndFlame - Muscle & Joint Pain

Muscle & Joint Pain

The number one complaint that most doctors get is some type of muscle and joint pain. So, what is the number one nutritional deficiency that has the greatest impact on joint pain and health? Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA, because the body cannot build them from other nutrients and they are necessary for optimal healing and recovery. Keep in mind that an overabundance of omega-6 in the diet promotes inflammation, but high-quality omega-3 fatty acids suppress inflammation.

Consensus from nutritional experts is that the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio should be no greater than 4:1, and ideally 1:1 for optimal healing. Most patients eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), have a ratio of 25:1 or higher in favor of omega-6. This imbalance promotes inflammation, pain, and will compromise your ability to help them quickly recover from their pain or injury. Research published in Nutrition & Dietetics showed that a high omega-3 index may help provide effective pain relief in conjunction with your professional treatment.*

The EndFlame finger-stick blood test by Greens First, is a “fee-for service” product that can let you know for certain if your patient is suffering from an omega-3 deficiency and what dietary changes and anti-inflammatory nutrition you can recommend, in a “fee-based” consultation, to support their full return to health.

*Cleland et al. Nutrition & Dietetics. 2009:66;4-6

Greens First EndFlame - Neck & Back Inflammation

Neck & Back Inflammation

The complexity of inflammation is overwhelming even for us healthcare professionals. Remember there are two phases, the first causes pain and swelling, and the second allows tissue regeneration. When the two phases are balanced the patient is in a state of wellness. If either phase is unbalanced it leads to low-level chronic inflammation that can lead to loss of function.

When you offer the “fee-for-service” EndFlame, at-home finger-stick blood test by Greens First, you’ll be able to determine the patient’s current level of chronic inflammation. If present, you can suggest with clinical certainty a “fee-based” consultation recommending dietary changes and anti-inflammatory nutrition that will help increase their body’s ability to rejuvenate itself at a faster rate. Keep in mind that research indicates that higher Omega-3 levels could reduce the incidence of neck and back pain and reduce the need for medication.*

*Lembke et all. J Sports Sci Med.2014 Jan:13(1):151-156

Greens First EndFlame - Healthy Cellular Aging

Healthy Cellular Aging

A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), suggests individuals with a higher omega-3 index have a 65% slower cellular aging process.* As a healthcare provider you can measure your patient’s anti-aging potential by offering the “fee-for-service” EndFlame, finger-stick blood test by Greens First. Keeping chronic inflammation under control is only half of your patient’s life long wellness strategy. They also need a reserve of anti-inflammatory potential to maximize the rejuvenation of their cells. With each patient’s EndFlame test results, you can schedule a “fee-for-service” consultation to recommend lifestyle and nutritional changes that will support their anti-aging reservoir.

*Farzaneh-Far et al. JAMA 2010: 303(3): 250-257

Greens First EndFlame - Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Weight Management

The Society of Sports Nutrition conducted a 6-week weight loss research project and found that those participants that increased their omega-3 EPA and DHA levels during the program had a significant increase in muscle mass and a substantial decrease in body fat.* To determine if you’re patients are taking enough EPA & DHA daily to achieve a healthy weight, recommend the “fee-for-service” EndFlame, finger-stick blood test by Greens First. You can also schedule a “fee-based” consultation to report the results that tell you with pin-point accuracy your patient’s current omega-3 levels and any clinical indication to recommend a higher dose.

*Noreen et al. J Int. Soc. Of Sports Nutrition 2010:7:31

Greens First EndFlame - ADHD Behaviors

ADHD Behaviors

Omega-3s are renowned for their ability to lower inflammation. But they’re also stellar at ensuring optimal neurological function, keeping the mind sharp, boosting concentration, helping to ease mental disorders like depression and keeping the brains developing healthily, all things you want to address if any of your patients are suffering from ADHD.

A study conducted in 2015 with kids and teens showed that low omega-3 fatty acids in the red blood cells, was associated with aggressive and ADHD behaviors.* As a healthcare provider you can offer the “fee-for-service” EndFlame, at-home finger-stick blood test by Greens First, to determine the current level of omega-3s and then schedule a “fee-based” consultation where you can make recommendations based on the extremely accurate clinical report.

*Meyer et al. PLOS ONE, 2015: 10(6)

Greens First EndFlame - Risk of Dementia & Memory Loss

Risk of Dementia & Memory Loss

A study in Neurology showed that a low omega-3 index score was associated with accelerated brain aging and lower cognitive abilities.* Many additional published studies on dementia indicate that low levels of omega-3s in the brain may speed up the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3s have numerous functions in the brain on which our memory and learning skills depend.

As a preventative measure it’s vital to make sure the brain is properly supplied with the essential omega-3s, EPA & DHA. As a healthcare provider in this segment of the population, you can offer the “fee-for-service” EndFlame, at-home finger-stick blood test by Greens First, to determine the patient’s status of omega-3s and schedule a “fee-based” consultation to recommend anti-inflammatory nutrition to support it.

*Tan et al. Neurology:2012:78:658-664.

EndFlame and CISP

Discover a simple test to measure the inflammatory balance of your cells & protocol to help reduce pain, lower inflammation & more!

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EndFlame FAQs

Q: What does the Nobel Prize in Medicine have to do with the EndFlame Test and Chronic Inflammation?

A lot of healthcare providers are confused about chronic inflammation, and have been since 1982. That’s when three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the importance of the two hormones that cause chronic inflammation and go on to cause chronic disease.

Immediately upon receiving the Nobel research, drug companies went to work on making drugs that would counter the problem. But nutrition companies have been slow in getting started.

Chronic inflammation affects millions of people, yet many healthcare professionals are unaware their patients or clients are suffering with it.

In school, most healthcare providers were taught there are two phases of inflammation: 1) the initiation phase due to a microbe or injury that causes inflammation and acute pain, and 2) the resolution phase, which is supposed to stop the initiation phase and allow the tissue to heal and regenerate.

The science is clear, if the two phases are balanced, the immune system is working correctly and the patient is in a state of wellness.

However, if either phase is unbalanced, the immune system continues to generate a DIFFERENT TYPE OF INFLAMMATION, a steady low-level, slow-burn type of inflammation, referred to as CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, and that leads to loss of function and eventually chronic disease.

The inability of the body’s immune system to manage the balance of the two hormones is what actually causes chronic inflammation and chronic disease. In essence, “classic inflammation” hurts, but chronic inflammation slowly kills.

Q: What causes chronic inflammation and what can the EndFlame test do about it?

The two hormones that cause chronic inflammation are called Eicosanoids and Resolvins, and both can be manipulated by a good or bad diet to become better or worse.

One of the most important ways to manipulate chronic inflammation is the use of omega-3 fatty acids, either by increasing fish in the diet or using EPA/DHA anti-inflammatory supplements.

According to research conducted at Harvard University, omega-3 fatty acid deficiency is officially listed as one of the top 10 causes of death in America, claiming the lives of up to 96,000 people each year.

Out of the 12 lifestyle risk factors examined, omega-3 fatty acid deficiency ranked as the sixth highest killer of Americans. These deaths are considered preventable since getting enough EPA & DHA, can ward off this now common cause of death.

Many chronic inflammatory conditions that our patients and clients suffer with are a result of the constant imbalance of the initiation and resolution phases of inflammation, and most are typically below the perception of pain, it’s basically cellular inflammation.

Since there’s no pain associated with cellular inflammation, nothing is typically done by healthcare providers to rectify the inflammatory imbalance.

Eventually, there will be a loss of function and pain from long-term organ damage, with a typical corresponding diagnosis of a chronic disease of that organ, but in reality it was due to long-term unresolved chronic inflammation.

Q: Are many patients suffering with chronic inflammation?

Yes, most patients healthcare providers see every day have some level of chronic inflammation, but it goes un-treated because their only complaint is of either not feeling well, or some low-level type of dull aching pain.

They’ve been living with chronic inflammation for so long they think the symptoms are “normal.” They actually forget what it’s like to feel good.

One of the first signs of the presence of chronic inflammation is the increase in body fat, although thin people can have it as well.

When chronic inflammation begins to leak out of fat cells and spread into the bloodstream then other conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders and more will start to emerge.

The EndFlame - Chronic Inflammation Support Protocol is the name I gave to an easy-to-use, finger-stick diagnostic blood test and 4 anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements that can be used by a person suffering with chronic inflammation to promote their body to wellness.

Q: How does a poor diet cause chronic inflammation?

Chronic inflammation is not as complicated as most healthcare professionals think. The entire process is controlled by the immune system as a first line of defense against microbes or injury and is completely under dietary control.

The 2 hormones are made in the body from what we eat, either omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, so what we eat actually drives the inflammatory process.

Eicosanoids from bad choice omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation, and resolvins from healthy omega-3 fatty acids resolve inflammation, IT’S THAT SIMPLE! The state of total wellness requires a balance of both good omega-6s and omega-3s.

When our patient’s diet is deficient in either, omega-3s or healthy omega-6s, diet-induced inflammation develops that leads to insulin and leptin resistance at the cellular level, which promotes storage of body fat, acceleration of the aging process, and the development of chronic disease.

Published research by David Seaman, DC, entitled “Body mass index and musculoskeletal pain: is there a connection”; sites more than 100 references that suggests there’s a huge connection between weight gain and chronic inflammation.

In fact, the author states, “although acute inflammation is a normal and a necessary part of healing, chronic inflammation is not and actually promotes continued tissue damage.” He goes on to say…”it’s incumbent upon the chiropractic profession to identify patients at risk.”

Q: How do healthcare providers use the EndFlame test to measure for chronic inflammation?

The best clinical marker for measuring chronic inflammation was first demonstrated in 1989 in the New England Journal of Medicine by Harvard Medical School researchers.

The EndFlame test is supported in science with more than 200 studies and over 100 peer-reviewed journals in collaboration with top institutions such as JAMA, Harvard and Stanford Universities. Since it measures the amounts of fatty acids in the blood that are necessary to reduce inflammation, it’s one of the most important biomarkers of cell health and overall wellness you can recommend to patients.

The EndFlame test only requires a finger-stick drop of blood. People collect their own sample at home and use the pre-paid mailer to send it to the lab. Everything they need to measure and get their results mailed to their provider is included in the kit they purchase from their healthcare professional.

In approximately 7 days, the provider receives an e-mailed comprehensive blood report that contains the results along with a personalized recommendation on how to improve it.

Most professionals charge an additional office visit fee to go over the results and make anti-inflammatory supplement recommendations.

Let’s face it, healthcare providers can’t manage what they don’t measure. The findings on the test respond to diet and supplementation changes. A patient can improve their EndFlame results simply by adding proper anti-inflammatory supplements.

The only way to know the level of chronic inflammation is to test. I recommend all patients be tested at baseline and again in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, then 1-2 times a year after that, to confirm they’re consuming the right diet and anti-inflammatory supplements.

Q: What are the best anti-inflammatory nutrients and supplements for chronic inflammation?

The EndFlame Chronic Inflammation Support Protocol is based on the science that diet and supplementation influence both hormones, eicosanoids and resolvins, that control the inflammatory process.

So, in order, to create a balance, the EndFlame Protocol recommends the daily use of 4 anti-inflammatory nutrients and the following supplements.

The first nutrient is polyphenols, which are nutrients found in plants that REDUCE INFLAMMATION and prevent oxidation of omega-3s in the body.

Polyphenols have dose-dependent effects that have been shown to help prevent the oxidation of omega-3s in the body. At about 0.5 grams per day they help reduce oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. At approximately 1.0 gram per day they help inhibit the initiation phase of inflammation and at 1.5 grams per day, they begin to support the production of AMPK which helps control cellular metabolism.

Greens First PRO delivers 8.4 grams of a variety of polyphenols from 54 different super-foods per scoop. Each serving provides 2500 mg of a proprietary polyphenol greens blend of Certified Organic barley grass juice powder, cracked cell-wall chlorella, and Certified Organic spirulina, grown in the USA. In addition, each serving contains 1500 mg of Certified Organic proprietary polyphenol vegetable blend of carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, parsley and kale juice powders.

The second nutrient is omega-3 fatty acids, both EPA and DHA. These are the building block molecules that are extremely critical to prevent and resolve chronic inflammation. EPA and DHA are required to help eicosanoids and resolvins to stay in balance to achieve optimal health.

Resolvins are extremely critical to the resolution of inflammation. Without adequate levels of these omega-3 fatty acids in the blood, it’s impossible to return the body back to equilibrium after the initiation of inflammation.

If the initiation phase of inflammation is too strong or the resolution phase is too weak, the result is chronic cellular inflammation. To achieve adequate levels of resolvins formation, a healthy person will require a minimum of 2.5 grams per day of EPA and DHA.

For those with an existing chronic inflammatory disease, or with a need to lose body fat, the levels of EPA and DHA required can be higher.

Greens First PRO Omega-3 delivers 3.02 grams per day of EPA and DHA in each serving of 4 capsules.

The third nutrient is GLA, a healthy omega-6 fatty acid that is needed to prevent the formation of the pro-inflammatory eicosanoid, arachidonic acid, that occurs from eating a poor diet.

Greens First PRO Ahiflower Oil - Vegan Omega-3, delivers over 100 mg a day of GLA in only 3 capsules.

The fourth nutrient is actually a set of 8 crucial alkaline minerals that promote the neutralization and elimination of excess acids in the cells. If body pH does not test alkaline, an indication of possible cellular inflammation, this product is designed to alkalize the cellular fluid. Greens FIRST PRO Acid Neutralizer provides a sufficient quantity of all 8 alkaline minerals in every scoop.

Any one of these Greens First anti-inflammatory supplements are beneficial, but the use of all four together creates a powerful synergistic interaction to manage and prevent chronic inflammation for a lifetime.

Q: If healthcare providers want to begin using the EndFlame test, what should they do?

The easiest way is to call their sales rep at MeyerDC. If they have further questions on the science or application of the protocol, a good place to start is the FAQ’s on this landing page, since they cover most of the questions healthcare providers have had in the past.

If you have any questions on Greens First, EndFlame, CISP, or would like to place an order order, call us at 800.472.4221.