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We’re Your Source for
Office Supplies too.

When you shop with MeyerDC you’re shopping from a true single-source vendor. That’s because we not only offer the complete range of clinical equipment and chiropractic supplies you need, but also the office supplies you need to run your business: from ballpoint pens and paper clips to insurance forms, coding guides and more. That’s the kind of one-call convenience that can save you and your staff serious time and effort.

Consolidation cuts down costs

Shipping costs add to the expense of any purchase you make. But ordering from MeyerDC – folding an office supplies order into your next clinical supplies order rather than ordering separately from an office supplies store – lets you reduce those costs significantly. Whether you call or click to order, it all gets delivered to you with one trip, one truck – and at a lower cost.

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Forms, Folders & Labels

Create patient records, and keep them organized and safely stored, with the folder systems, medical chart indexes, spinal assessment forms and alpha labels you’ll find at MeyerDC.

Billing & Coding

Billing and coding products and manuals from MeyerDC help you file insurance paperwork with the proper codes for faster reimbursement.

Other Office Supplies

Simplify your office supplies order by purchasing the pens, clipboards, highlighters and desk tools you need from MeyerDC, with just one purchase order.