CanDo® Resistance Bands & Tubes

MeyerDC® is your source for durable CanDo® exercise bands and exercise tubing with handles for rehabilitation resistance training. These popular resistance bands and exercise cords come in the standard color-coded resistance levels and are ideal when a progressive resistance exercise program is prescribed.

CanDo exercise bands and resistance cables combine elastic stretch with enduring strength

Choose any CanDo resistance band or tube, you know you’re getting products with the durability and tear-resistance your patients need

Whether you choose latex or non-latex, CanDo products are a reliable choice for helping chiropractic patients build strength and increase flexibility. From the premium Sup-R-Band to proven CanDo bands to the economical Val-u-Band offering, CanDo bands are effective elastic exercisers – alone or when used with handles or anchors.

Trust MeyerDC for the best prices on CanDo resistance products, including:

  • CanDo exercise bands (bulk roll)
  • CanDo non-latex exercise bands (bulk roll)
  • CanDo Perf 100 perforated bands
  • CanDo pre-cut individual exercise bands
  • Sup-R-Band premium non-latex exercise bands (bulk roll)
  • Val-u-Band latex-free exercise bands
  • Val-u-Band low-powder exercise bands
  • And more!

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Exercise Bands (Twin-Pack)

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With their consumer-friendly packaging, CanDo exercise products also make a profitable addition to your in-clinic retail program.

Non-Latex Exercise Bands

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Perf 100 Perforated Bands

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Pre-cut Exercise Bands

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