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Aspen Medical Products

MeyerDC® is proud to offer a broad array of advanced spinal bracing products from Aspen Medical Products. From the award-winning Vista® Therapy Collar and Peak Scoliosis Bracing System™ to the fully adjustable Horizon™ and economical Evergreen™ lines of TLSO and lumbar spine braces, Aspen spinal orthosis products reflect the company’s mission to engineer “the best spinal braces in the world.”

Aspen is a pioneer and leader in the design of upper and lower spinal orthotics.

Aspen neck braces and back braces provide motion restriction and therapeutic support that relieves pain and promotes healing.

Each Aspen brace is the culmination of years of design, testing, and refinement, resulting in cost-effective innovations like the Vista cervical collar, with a revolutionary height adjustment technology that makes it six collars in one. Or the Peak spinal brace for scoliosis, with multiple configurations that allow it to be customized for maximum scoliosis relief.

Trust MeyerDC for the best prices on Aspen spinal braces, including:

  • Vista® Cervical Collar
  • Evergreen™ 637 adjustable LSO
  • Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite
  • Horizon™ 456 TLSO
  • Horizon™ LSO
  • Peak Scoliosis Bracing System
  • and more!

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When you make MeyerDC your source for Aspen braces, you can count on the fastest delivery too!

Evergreen™ 637 LSO

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Horizon™ 456 TLSO Support

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QuickDraw™ RAP Orthosis

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