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X-ray Mailing Envelopes & More at MeyerDC™

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Produce high-speed, high-contrast, blue sensitive film for all-purpose radiography.

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National Envelope

X-ray Mailing Envelopes

Item # W-HUX101

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Essential Correspondence

These X-ray Mailing Envelopes are available in either medium or large. They can accommodate all sizes of X-rays and are not easily tampered with. Secured with a string and a metal clasp, these envelopes will ensure that X-ray films will not fall out. They are extra heavy-duty, made from kraft paper with cardboard stiffeners to prevent bending or breaking and to prevent overexposure of or water damage to the films. They can be sent using fourth-class mail if needed or first-class mail if a letter or report is included. X-ray Mailing Envelopes are a great way for diagnostic centers to exchange patients' X-rays with hospitals and physicians.

X-ray Mailing Envelopes Features

  • String and metal-clasp closure ensures that X-ray films don't fall out.
  • Not easily weakened by water.
  • Durable and made from heavy-duty kraft paper.
  • Can be shipped using fourth-class or first-class mail.
  • Come in medium or large.


Large, Medium
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