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Well Adjusted Babies

Item # W-WAB100

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Offer the Best-Selling Australian Book Well Adjusted Babies to Your Female Patients

Do you ever find yourself struggling to answer questions about health, fertility and parenting from your patients? Utilize chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Floreani's best-selling book Well Adjusted Babies as a method to bridging the gap in your own knowledge base, as well as your patients'. Even if you are well-versed in leading holistic pregnancy and parenting methods, you can retail the book in your practice for expecting or new mothers as an additional resource. Highly regarded and well-researched, Dr. Floreani uses her first-hand experience alongside cutting-edge research to present the best holistic parenting advice today. Inside, your patients will read about improving fertility, how to have a safe, natural birth, breastfeeding, first foods for babies, alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, the benefits of holistic health practitioners and more. Well Adjusted Babies provides helpful information for parents beyond birth and should be a must-read for your patient base.

Well Adjusted Babies Features

  • Holistic pregnancy and parenting guide by Dr. Jennifer Floreani.
  • Best-selling book in Australia where Dr. Floreani is located.
  • Great patient resource with important information.
  • Retail in your practice as an extra source of revenue.