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übertherm Cooling Gel Pack


Replacement Gel Packs

Item # W-UBE852PK

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Not Too Cold, Not Too Warm, and Always Ready

For use inside übertherm cold wrap products only, these cooling gel packs create the perfect therapeutic temperature, maintaining the “Goldilocks zone” of not too cold and not too warm. The non-toxic gel is formulated to remain semi-flexible right out of the freezer. When placed inside the wrap, the cooling area can be molded to fit around the user’s body by massaging after positioning. The pack slides easily in and out of the regulating Ice Pillow. Cooling gel packs should never be placed directly against the skin.


  • Durable, long-lasting construction.
  • Multiple chambers filled with a proprietary gel.
  • High-performance gel retains cold for up to an hour.
  • Stays semi-flexible even when frozen.
  • When used in an übertherm Ice Pillow, body tissues never cool below 34˚F (1˚C), providing cold therapy without the risk of ice-crystal induced cell injury (seen with conventional ice packs).
  • For use with übertherm wraps only.
  • Not to be placed directly against skin.