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Help your patients achieve better quality of life with traction devices that improve posture while reducing neck and back pain. Inversion traction units, collars, and devices support chiropractic traction procedures in the office. Portable over-the-door systems generate revenue for your practice and allow patients to build on their progress at home. Shop a variety of trusted brands including the popular Pettibon System.

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MeyerDC: The Best In Traction


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Traction products for the outcomes patients want

Fully outfit your chiropractic clinic with traction tables, chairs, benches, and other equipment at a variety of price points. Help your patients say good-bye to poor posture, neck discomfort, and back pain with traction collars, inversion traction table units, and over-the-door traction equipment for use in the office or at home.

MeyerDC is your first choice for traction

When you partner with Meyer DC™, you get competitive pricing, world-class customer service, and same-day shipping from one of our three distribution centers. As a family-owned national supplier of more than 27,000 chiropractic products, we support chiropractic practices of every size with no minimum orders.