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Sue Falsone: The Shoulder

Sue Falsone: The Shoulder

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A Valuable Addition to Your Professional Library

If your patients are overhead athletes or others with shoulder or neck pain, you don't want to miss Sue Falsone’s The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond. The DVD is packed with helpful information, including which areas to pay attention to when working with overhead athletes, how to assess the shoulder and identify possible issues and how to correct four common shoulder issues. You’ll learn how to restore shoulder function, reduce pain and help your patients correct and avoid debilitating injuries.

Sue Falsone has had extensive experience working with overhead athletes, having worked as the head athletic trainer of the L.A. Dodgers for six years and at EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance) for 13 years. Falsone currently owns S&F, where she teaches healthcare clinicians the skills they need to get better results with their clients.


  • 2-disc, 68-minute DVD set.
  • Full audio recordings of the presentation in MP3 format.
  • Full transcripts of the presentation in PDF format.
  • 2 Tip Sheets in PDF format.
  • A 56-minute audio recording and transcript of Gray Cook's Keynote Address of the 2012 IFOMPT Conference.
  • A 37-minute audio recording and transcript of Lee Burton's Core Testing and Assessment.
  • FMS Scoring Criteria, Score Sheet and Verbal Instructions, a 13-page PDF.
  • Phil Plisky: Implementing Testing and Screening, a 13-minute audio recording with transcript.