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Snoopy Knee Immobilizer & More at MeyerDC™

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Scott Specialties Inc.

Snoopy Knee Immobilizer

Item # W-SCT448

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Have Fun While Healing: Specialty Pediatric Product

Smaller patients have different needs. When dealing with pediatric patients, choose products that are made specifically for their bodies to ensure the best fit and most effective treatments. The Snoopy Knee Immobilizer by Scott Specialties is made just for kids. The Snoopy character makes the knee immobilizer a fun and colorful alternative to other designs. Your patients will appreciate the look of the product, while you will enjoy the well-made product. The soft lining offers comfort while providing support for the injury, and you can treat bone, ligament or muscle injuries with one product. The hook-and-loop closure makes putting on and removing the immobilizer a breeze. A supportive frame means that your patient will have the opportunity to heal without risking further injury.

Snoopy Knee Immobilizer Features

  • Soft lining for comfortable support.
  • Colorful and fun orthopedic product.
  • For treatment in bone, ligament or muscle injury.
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy use and removal.


Body Part:
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