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Smart Tools Complete Set of IASTM Tools

Smart Tools

Complete Set

Item # W-STT100

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Every Instrument, For Every Issue

Smart Tools offers some of the highest quality, most ergonomic, and affordable IASTM tools on the market today. This complete set comprises all five tools in the Smart Tools lineup: 1) the palm-sized “Shark” tool for use on smaller areas of the body, such as the hands, feet, forearms, and calves; the 2) the blade-like “Batman” tool for smaller to medium areas of the body, 3) the large-sized “Handlebar” tool for larger areas of the lower extremities, 4) the “Scanner” tool for locating areas of soft tissue movement restriction, and 5) the “Captain Hook” for use on the hands and forearms. A jar of emollient and a canvas roll-up case are included.


  • STM1 “Shark”
  • STM2 “Batman”
  • STM3 “Handlebar”
  • STM4 “Scanner”
  • STM5 “Captain Hook”
  • Canvas Roll-up Case
  • Emollient