The proper pillow for back sleepers.
The proper pillow for side sleepers.

Proper Pillow Perfect for Side and Back Sleeping

The Proper Pillow is a revolutionary new pillow that provides proper support to the head and neck for both side and back sleeping positions.

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Proper Pillow Inventor Doctor Rick Loos

Meet Proper Pillow inventor Dr. Rick Loos

As a chiropractor in Del Mar, California, Dr. Rick was often asked by patients: “What pillow should I be sleeping on?”

He soon realized there wasn’t a quality pillow on the market that promoted restful sleep and supported the spine in optimal alignment. So he set out to create one himself: a well-designed pillow and related products for repair and recovery that would improve the daily lives of consumers.

Thus, the Proper Pillow was born – not simply a line of products, but a lifestyle brand promoting proper alignment and overall wellness.

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How to sell the Proper Pillow to your patients

If your patients are complaining of poor sleep or waking up with a stiff neck, recommend the Proper Pillow. (You can also recommend Proper Pillow as a means of preventing these problems.)

The Proper Pillow is a perfect sleep solution for any patient. Let your patient know that whether they sleep on their back or their side, the Proper Pillow will help them enjoy more restful sleep and awake with less pain.

Emphasize that the Proper Pillow was designed by a chiropractor specifically to support optimal alignment of the head, neck and spine while a person sleeps.

Just as important the Proper Pillow is designed to work with any size person – small, large or in-between – because it’s dual-sided design allows the user to choose the side that’s more comfortable for their frame.

Other selling points include:

  • Proprietary memory foam creates “just right” support – not too soft, not too firm.
  • Cooling “comfort sleeve” wicks away heat.
  • Machine-washable cover makes care easy.

Not only will a Proper Pillow help support your patient’s spinal health and overall wellness, retailing these revolutionary pillows can generate substantial new revenue for your business!

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Custom 4 layer design of the Proper Pillow

The Anatomy of the Proper Pillow

The inner portion comprises a low density, viscoelastic memory foam insert and cylindrical orthotics on either side of the pillow to keep the cervical vertebrae aligned with the rest of the spine. Proper Pillow’s proprietary low-density foam allows the head to float freely while the neck and spine are supported by the orthotics. (This exclusive memory foam blend differentiates Proper Pillow from any other pillow on the market. It’s not over-supportive or under-supportive – it’s just right.)

The inner orthotics are of two different sizes – one for larger framed people, the other for smaller. The user simply turns the pillow to choose the side with the orthotic that fits more comfortably under his or her neck.

The outer portion of the Proper Pillow features plush, quilted material that provides a luxurious look and feel, and houses the memory foam insert. The washable outer cover has a 2-inch gusset, lined with attractive light grey piping.

Proper Pillow

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Proper Pillow Side sleeping support

Proper Pillow Particulars:

  • Standard Queen Size – 25˝ x 18˝
  • 4-layer design with patent pending inner orthotic
  • Maintains normal 20-40° cervical curve
  • Cooling comfort layer disperses excess body heat
  • Non-latex, hygienic and washable

Why people need the Proper Pillow

People today spend a lot of time looking down at their smartphones and computer screens. Over time, this can cause the spine to lose its curve, resulting in a head-forward posture (sometimes called “tech neck” or “military neck”).

This improper spinal alignment can cause multiple health problems, including:

  • Neck pain and stiff neck
  • Lower back pain

The Proper Pillow is specifically designed to promote proper alignment of the neck and spine, helping users to regain proper spinal curvature to alleviate spine-related issues and discomfort, while also enabling a more restful night of sleep.

Proper Pillow puts your patient's spine into alignment

However a person sleeps, the Proper Pillow’s unique design will help them restore proper alignment.

Proper Foam Roller

Proper Foam Roller

The Proper Foam Roller is the first foam roller to feature a 3D shape of convex curves that conform to the body. It allows the user to penetrate deeper into areas that regular foam rollers can’t touch. This patent-pending design promotes the flow of blood and oxygen, and accelerates soft tissue repair and recovery.

The Proper Foam Roller features:

  • Central groove prevents injury to spine and osseous structures
  • Compression tested to withstand 500 lbs. static load
  • Travel friendly, compact design

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Proper Foam Rller

How to sell the Proper Foam Roller to your patients

As a chiropractor you likely recommend foam rolling to your patients as a means of alleviating pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Now, with the Proper Foam Roller, you can recommend a truly revolutionary foam roller that delivers all the benefits of traditional foam rolling and much more.

Start by telling your patients that the Proper Foam Roller’s contoured design – unique among foam rollers – makes it incredibly easy and comfortable for them to use.

Be sure to point out to your patients that the Proper Foam Roller’s central groove will protect their spine while they are rolling their back muscles. Also help them understand that its contours enable the rolling action to penetrate connective tissue more effectively for better and safer all-around massaging.

Proper Foam Roller is revolutionary