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PowerWrap Ankle Wrap

Item # W-COR487

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Supports the Ankle

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These Power Ankle Wraps are easy to wear and very easy to adjust. They have exclusive thick straps that adjust the ankle wraps to just the right size, and the thin straps allow the user to adjust the tension. These Power Ankle Wraps use Darlex materials that are easy to wear and very breathable. They are also forgiving on the Achilles tendon and are washable. They feature a unique wedge-shaped center, allowing greater flexion and extension of the ankle while at the same time giving the user proper support. These Power Ankle Wraps can be used as a preventive measure during sporting events to prevent injuries to the ankle or as a way to strengthen weakened ankles, and they can be worn on either foot. The ankle wraps are great for those suffering from injuries to the ankle because they are supportive and easy to wear.

PowerWrap Ankle Wrap Features

  • Thick straps adjust the ankle wraps to just the right size.
  • Thin straps adjust the tension in the ankle wraps.
  • Unique wedge-shaped center balances the ankle while still giving support.
  • Darlex material is breathable and durable.
  • Great as preventive measure and to strengthen weakened ankles.
  • Sizes: universal and x-large.


Black, White
Universal, X-Large
Body Part:
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