Posture Pro, Inc.

Posture Pro products bring much needed rejuvenation to the neck and back sometimes even eliminating the need for costly, painful surgery. Over three million people have discovered the benefits of Posture Pro’s deep corrective relief at home.

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Posture Pumps Have Relieved Neck and Back Pain for
3 Million and Counting

How does Posture Pump work?

As a patient’s spine loses its proper postural curve, nutrient rich fluid is forced out of its discs. This loss of fluid causes joints and discs to dry up, decay, and become stiff causing pain in the neck and back. Posture pumps decompress discs restoring the spine’s normal forward curve. Pain is relived as hydration returns and bulging material is pulled away from sensitive nerves.

Find the Right Posture Pump for Your Patients

At a variety of price points, Posture Pro products target the different areas of the spine alone or simultaneously.

Model Air Cells Cervical
1100 1 X X X
1400 2 X X X X
1700 2 X X X *
2000 2 X X X X
2500 2 X X X X X
4100 3 X X X X

*The 1700 is only available to chiropractors because it produces greater pressure than the models designed for patients to take home.

Take a look at our Best Sellers:

Posture Pump Full Spine Model 4100-S

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Elliptical Back Rocker Model 2000

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Cervical Disk Hydrator Model 1100

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Posture Pro Compared to Traction for the Neck and Back

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, neurosurgeon, researcher and author, has conducted TWO IRB Approved MRI Studies on Posture Pro’s Posture Pump® products. When compared to a commonly used traction device, Posture Pump® improved cervical (neck) curve in 72% of study participants compared to only 8% using the traction device. Posture Pump® also increased the average disc height twice as much as the commonly used form of traction. The full MRI studies and other case studies can be found on the Posture Pro website by clicking here.

Meet a software engineer who cancelled a surgery and regained her active lifestyle after using Posture Pump for a month.

Meet a registered nurse who says arthritis would keep her from doing her job if not for the Posture Pump.