Pelton Shepherd

In business since 1950, Pelton Shepherd is the oldest manufacturer of gel ice in the country. With an emphasis on continuous improvement and quality assurance, they make the most reliable gel packs on the market today.

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Cryostim Probes

The Cryostim Probe is a great solution for cold therapy pain relief and management in a compact and portable size. Invented in 1986 to provide people with an alternative to traditional and cumbersome cold packs, the Cryostim Probe uses ice massage and trigger points to create an effective form of therapy that treats any area of the body from lower back to tooth pain, there isn't anywhere the Cryostim Probe can't reach. The Cryostim Probe intelligently combines both techniques into one simple and ultra-ready-to-use probe. You can use the lightweight probes anywhere too. Just pop them into the freezer and theywill retain their temperature for up to 30 minutes at a time. In addition, because of their small size you can keep plenty of Cryostim Probes on hand so you will always have the benefits of cold therapy fast.

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Polar Ice Warm or Cold Compression Pack

The Polar Ice Warm or Cold Compression pack can be used for cold or warm compresses. Once frozen, this cold ice pack can be used for extended periods of time without losing its temperature. Ice crystals form within the pack while it is in the freezer, which in turn improves the deep tissue chilling effectiveness throughout its application to the body. Even when frozen, this versatile and flexible ice pack can still contour to your body and muscle curvatures. Heat in water or water-covered in the microwave, and the same versatility and flexibility is maintained in an effective heat compress.

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Cryostim Massage Gel

  • Effective, simple method for applying ice massage and incorporating trigger point therapy for pain relief
  • Ready for use after approximately four hours in a freezer compartment
  • Conductive gel can be applied to enhance conductivity of probe and prevent skin irritation
  • Reusable

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