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Motion Guidance Contact Pad & More at MeyerDC

Motion Guidance™

Contact Pad

Item # W-MOG103

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Get a Grip on Movement

The Motion Guidance Contact Pad is great for hands-on clinicians and for patients who are tender to palpation. The Contact Pad adds an extra level of comfort to both practitioner and patient. Made of a sticky flexible gel material that never loses its stick, it allows the clinician to get a comfortable lock grip on the patient's skin. These pads are ideal for patellar mobs, fascial/skin stretch, and any joint mobilization. Motion Guidance Contact Pads are available in two sizes: Small (5.5"x3.5") and Large (7"x4.5"). Pads clean and disinfect easily between patients.

Contact Pad Features

  • Provides a lock grip on patient's skin for comfortable mobilization or skin stretching.
  • Adds an extra level of comfort for both clinician and patient.
  • Sticky, flexible gel material never loses its stick.
  • Available in two sizes: Small (5.5" x 3.5") and Large (7" x 4.5").
  • Clean easily for use on multiple patients.