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Motion Guidance Clinician Kit & More at MeyerDC

Motion Guidance™

Clinician Kit

Item # W-MOG100

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Motion Tracking has Never Been Easier

The Motion Guidance system allows clinicians to have visual feedback for any type of motor lesson. The system itself is simple and easy to use as it consists of a laser mounted on a flexible strap that can be placed on any part of the body where feedback is needed. The feedback can have a static or dynamic function. Static function would include a patient keeping the laser centered in target, and moving a given limb, while attempting to keep the laser beam still in target. Dynamic function would include a patient moving while the laser is attached to the desired body part and its beam projects in accordance to their movement. A tracking grid with targets and directional lines is used in conjunction with the laser for mapping movement.


The Motion Guidance Clinician Kit is Intended for clinician use, and includes 1 large and 1 small strap for multi-limb use, 2 mountable lasers, 2 of each mounting piece, a flag-style tracking grid with suction hook hangars, a silicone "drop target", 1 battery pack (10x batteries included), and a convenient kit case.

Clinician Kit Features

  • Intended for use by clinicians in clinic.
  • Allows for visual feedback for motor lessons.
  • Feedback can be static or dynamic.
  • Kit includes:
  • 1 large and 1 small strap, for multi-limb use.
  • 2 mountable lasers.
  • 2 of each mounting piece.
  • A flag-style tracking grid with suction hook hangars.
  • A silicone "drop target".
  • 1 battery pack (10x batteries included).
  • Kit case.