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LiteCure Medical

LightForce® FX 15w Therapy Laser

Item # W-LTFFX

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The Complete Laser Therapy Treatment with LiteCure Laser Therapy

The LightForce FX 15W Therapy Laser is a top-quality, innovative, and versatile therapy laser. The small profile shouldn't deceive anyone, because this laser runs the gamut in custom options and features to simplify any practitioner or client needs. The advanced high-resolution touch screen interface features beautiful quality pictures as well as educational videos for the patient to watch. Our Perfect Protocol™ gives you custom protocol options for different treatment areas and conditions that you can tweak to specific patient needs. The Instant Replay feature allows you to save treatment settings and store them in your Playbook to use again later.

With Long-Life Battery Operation and weighing only 7 lbs, the LightForce FX is long-lasting completely transportable.

For monthly payments as low as $570.28, Click Here!

LightForce FX 15W Therapy Laser

  • Up to 15W of energy.
  • High-resolution touch screen interface.
  • Features Perfect Protocol and Instant Replay.
  • Weighs 7 lbs.
  • Class 4, Solid State.