Kinesiology Taping

MeyerDC is dedicated to helping you grow your business and provide for your patients by offering the widest selection of kinesiology tape from premium sports tape brands at competitive prices. Use our educational resources to learn more about kinesiology tape and how you can implement it in your practice.

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Kinesiology Tape Can Improve Patient Outcomes & Increase Revenue

Meyer DC Offers the Largest Kinesio Taping Selection Around

It does not matter whether you are new to kinesiology taping or you are a professional, as MeyerDC offers a wide selection of trusted k tape brands such as RockTape, KT Tape, SpiderTech, Kinesio, and PerformTex, as well as a large amount of educational materials. Browse our selection of kinesiology tape, read articles from sports medicine professionals and other partners, and stock up your practice to grow your business while helping your patients recover.


Unsure of which tape best suits your needs? Click below to view our comparison chart, so you can make the best decision based on your needs.

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How Does Kinesiology Tape Work and Why Should You Use It?

Kinesiotaping is a fast growing industry inside the world of sports, physical therapy, and other fields as more and more medical professionals are turning to it as a non-invasive, non-medicated pain relief alternative. Kinesiology tape is a cotton-based elastic tape that features strong adhesion and imitates the properties of human skin for natural flexibility. It does not hinder movement, and is less cumbersome than a compression wrap or brace. Kinesio tape supports muscles and joints, decreases swelling and inflammation, and improves recovery times.

Discover Our Kinesiology Tape Offerings for Medical Professionals


Stock up on kinesiology tape options like rolls, pre-cut applications, single strips, and more from leading brands.

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Find educational materials from professionals to learn how to apply kinesiology tape and learn taping applications.

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Take a look at the other hottest trends going on now, such as kinesiology tape, training ropes, pylo boxes, and more.

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