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Free EndFlame Blood Test Package

The Most Important Blood Test a Chiropractor Can Use In Practice!

Qualified professionals can receive a free EndFlame package, retail value of $126.98, including:

  • EndFlame Blood Test Kit with a 3 Pg Lab Report and ROF with Dr. Hayes, DC
  • FREE can Greens First & FREE bottle of Omega-3 850
  • Dosage and Category Charts, plus the Complete Protocol
  • Instructions

Greens First inflammation kit

Measure, then Manage Acute & Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is the underlying cause of most neck, back, joint and muscle pain seen in today’s Chiropractic practice!

and discover yourself how the EndFlame finger-stick blood test measures the inflammatory balance of cells and how a simple treatment protocol can help to manage acute and chronic pain and inflammation.

Resolving Inflammation in the Chiropractic Practice

The Omega-3 Index is a diagnostic tool that’s supported in science with more than 200 studies and over 100 peer-reviewed journals including top institutions such as those listed below.

peer-reviewed journals from JAMA, Harvard, PLOS One, and Standford

Resolvins are a group of molecules derived from Omega-3 Fatty Acids researched by Harvard Medical School that promote the resolution of acute and chronic inflammation. For more information, read the article published online at the National Center for Biotechnology Information by Claudia Sommer and Frank Birklein.

resolvins graph

Sign Up Today

As a qualified professional, you can receive a free EndFlame package! It’s easy:

  1. Healthcare providers who sign up will receive & conduct EndFlame Blood Test and Mail to Lab
  2. Once EndFlame Lab Results are available- You’ll be scheduled for Group Report of Findings (ROF)
  3. Before ROF, you’ll get an Email with your EndFlame Results, Dosage & Category Charts & Protocol Instructions