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What It's Like to Work with MeyerDC

Hear from our Sales Director, Steve Binns

MeyerDC is the Chiropractor’s choice for the products that move people.

As the leading supplier of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and health & wellness supplies and equipment, you can count on MeyerDC for a broad selection of high quality, brand name products as well as attentive, responsive service. In addition, we offer high quality, cost-effective product alternatives, such as BodySport® and BodyMed®. Our helpful and knowledgeable sales representative and customer service teams offer deep product knowledge and are always available to help you, so you can focus your attention on what’s most important to your patients. You’ll also appreciate our competitive pricing, fast delivery, no-minimum order policy, and insight into the newest products and latest industry trends.

Value Adds with MeyerDC

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3 Strategic Distribution Facilities

  • Ohio, Florida, California
  • Highly scalable & dynamic space
National Distribution Footprint

National Distribution Footprint

  • 1–2 day ground delivery to 98% of the U.S.
Same-Day Shipping Icon

Same-Day Shipping

  • Latest cutoff times in the industry - 6 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST
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Robust e-Commerce Platform

  • MeyerDC.com B2B ordering platform with streamlined functionality
  • Robust eBill, proof of delivery, & enhanced ordering & product inventory tools
Systems Integration Icon

Instantly Connect Your Systems

  • Web service library for custom solutions
  • No dev needed apps for Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and others
Family-Owned Business Icon

Family-Owned Business

  • Family-owned business focused on service to your patients, long-term partnership, and an entrepreneurial spirit to help you succeed
Home Delivery Icon

Home Delivery Program Capabilities

Private Brands Icon

Private Brands

  • BodyMed® and BodySport® line of products
  • Value through high quality, lower cost options
  • Support of clinical product acceptance
Product Availability Icon

Product Availability

  • Over 59,000 health & wellness products
  • Access to 1,400 vendors
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Buy in smallest unit of measure
Revenue & Profit Solutions Icon

Revenue & Profit Solutions

  • Integrated retail and inventory management
  • Innovative new product introductions
  • Consultative account managers

Our Culture & Values

MeyerDC has Integrity


We do what we say we will do.

MeyerDC is Family Owned

Family-Owned Professionally Managed

We are a caring community and family acting in the company's best interest.

MeyerDC has No Walls

No Walls

With open communication we listen, learn and respond.

MeyerDC is Tenacious


We reach our objectives with courage, rigor and grit.

MeyerDC has a Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

We question today with belief and optimism about our future.

MeyerDC has Profitability


We achieve profitability through a commitment to performance and results.

MeyerDC seeks Improvement


We strive to be better, to adapt and to grow.

MeyerDC has Service


We treat our customers with courtesy, empathy and respect.

MeyerDC is Benevolent


We give back to our community, people and planet.

MeyerDC has Urgency


We are dependable and innovative problem-solvers acting with urgency.

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