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MeyerDC # COR502 MFG# 1102 HCPCS# E0190

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The Economy Leg Spacer is placed between the legs in order to relieve pressure and strain on the back, legs, knees and ankles. Its hourglass shape is designed to fit between the legs and does not move even as you turn over on your back as you sleep. When you sleep, the friction between your legs sometimes causes back strains and pain in the ankles. This Economy Leg Spacer helps align the hips and knees, and this relieves back strain. This encourages the natural alignment of the spine while you are sleeping. The Economy Leg Spacer works by inhibiting spinal twisting during sleep, thereby encouraging better circulation. It also reduces the pressure points as you sleep, making your sleep more comfortable. These Economy Leg Spacers are a must if you suffer from muscles that have been overstretched due to exercise or injury. The hourglass shape means that you do not need straps to keep this leg spacer in place.

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Specifications for Item COR502
Designed to help relieve pressure and strain on lower back, knees and anklesHourglass shape fits between your legs and moves with you as you turn overNo straps neededFoam only without cover10" x 8" x 6"
Leg Spacer Features
  • Hourglass shape needs no straps to keep the leg spacer in place.
  • Helps keep the natural S shape of the spine's alignment.
  • Helps the hip and spine muscles.
  • Inhibits spinal twisting during sleep.
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.
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