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Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter TENS


Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter TENS

Item # W-VGH1300

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Help to prevent aching feet pain and increase better circulation.

DR-HO's Circulation Promoter uses TENS therapy, Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and AMP technology to help with relieving pain. It consists of over 300 different massage techniques that are constantly changing to prevent adaptation and have a super conductive foot platform, to focus on legs and feet treatment. The Circulation Promoter also includes body pads so that you can treat other parts of your body from head to toe. It stimulates the muscles and nerves, helping to increase local circulation and relieve pain and tension.

Prop 65 Restriction WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • TENS & EMS
  • Includes proprietary AMP technology
  • Over 300 different massage techniques
  • Super conductive platform
  • Adaptable for full body treatment
  • Automatic timer