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17-Piece Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set & More at MeyerDC™

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17-Piece Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set

Item # W-LHA244

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Sterile & Hygienic

The Deluxe Cupping Set has easy-release air-locking valves. They feature a pistol grip hand pump and a carrying case for convenience. They also include a 21" extension tube. These cups leave no scratches or marks on the skin, and they are strong and easy to use. Traditional cupping therapy is used to remove blood stagnation and to disperse the accumulation of internal heat. The cupping method has spread throughout the Chinese culture and the Middle East. These Deluxe Cupping Sets are perfect for these therapies because they are hygienic and can be used for a lot of patients. They are easy to use and adhere to the skin easily. Traditional cupping is also used to relieve respiratory problems and to relieve pain. The Deluxe Cupping Set comes with an extension tube and a pistol hand grip to make the cups adhere to the skin easily. These cups are also easily sterilized in boiling water for easy cleaning, needed because they are sometimes applied with lotion or oil.

17-Piece Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set Features

  • Comes with 21" extension tube and pistol hand pump.
  • Can be easily sterilized in boiling water.
  • Made with plastic.
  • Heat-resistant and shockproof.
  • Comes in a deluxe set of 17 pcs.


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