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Help your patients achieve a corrected, natural spinal posture by targeting injured hard and soft spinal tissues with tools developed by longtime DC Burl Pettibon, FACBS and Ph.D. We provide the essential Pettibon technique tools like the Wobble Chair™, as well as specialized weights and fulcrums your practice needs for successful spinal rehabilitation and posture correction



Instrument Assisted Spinal Manipulation


Choose from our selection of IASM-specific handheld tools that include Activators and Impulse units to bring your patients increased joint flexibility and a realigned, healthy spine.



Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Ttargeting old scar tissue or fascial restrictions? You’ll want to browse our selection of stainless steel instruments used to perform IASTM. These soft tissue mobilization tools help you deliver controlled micro-trauma to your patients’ affected areas so they can be up and moving in no time.



Sacro Occipital Technique


Make sure you carry the full range of SOT tools developed by Major B. DeJarnette, DC, if you’re targeting central nervous system issues and pains stemming from patients' cranial bones or structures. We stock a wide range of pelvic blocks, cranial boards, sacroiliac belts, face plates and sternal rolls, as well as other components of successful SOT chiropractic therapy for total patient wellness.



Are you part of the estimated 60% of DCs practicing flexion/distraction technique in the US? If so, your practice and patients rely on quality flexion tables to achieve pain relief. Choose from our selection of tables that include cervical, pelvic and thoracic drops depending on your preference and treatment methods.