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Classic Balance Board & More at MeyerDC™

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Classic Balance Board

Item # W-FII116

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From Beginner to Advanced

The Classic Balance Board is balanced on a patented fulcrum and adjusts from beginner to advanced level with just a twist of the wrist. It develops confidence for sports activities and activities of daily living. It is also used in rehabilitation therapy for those recovering from injuries. Used to build skills for people of all ages, from kids to adults, it improves ankle strength, body flexibility and range of motion and helps prevent injuries. The Classic Balance Board is a great addition as an exercise tool to your home, the gym and the rehabilitation center. It is also suitable for use by those wearing most types of footwear, or it can be used with bare feet. These boards improve agility and balance for everyone from children to senior citizens. The Classic Balance Board helps improve mobility and trains the body to improve core muscles and should be used by everyone who wishes to improve overall physical coordination and skills.

Classic Balance Board Features

  • Improves coordination, agility, mobility and balance.
  • Can be used by children, adults and seniors.
  • Patented sphere adjusts between 14 degrees and 17 degrees with a simple twist.
  • Injection-molded board suitable for most styles of footwear.
  • Highly portable and well suited for personal use.


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