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Memory Gel Foam Waterbase® Pillow

Item # W-IWP107

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No More Tossing & Turning with the Pillow That Follows Movement

Memory Gel Foam Waterbase® Pillows can help transform patient sleepless nights into periods of blissful rest. By providing superior alignment, support and adjustability, these waterbase chiropractic pillows help ease nighttime pain associated with the back, jaw and neck. Chiroflow's pillows were determined to be some of the best available by a clinical study conducted at John’s Hopkins, so you know you can trust them to reinforce your careful patient care. These memory gel foam pillows feature 3 unique components for successful sleep: a cool gel foam top layer, a firm foam spring center and an original, adjustable waterbase pouch. The cooling top layer is ventilated to keep patients cool while they sleep and provides a soft touch. Chiroflow’s waterbase pouch is refillable and can be altered to provide a patient with just the right amount of firmness for optimal sleep conditions. In conjunction with the firm foam center, this waterbase pillow will continually shift to cradle a patient’s head as they shift throughout the night. No matter what position, your clients will maintain superior neck support. Give your patients the advantage of a good night’s sleep, which includes restored energy, a fresh appearance and a relaxed start to each day.

Memory Gel Foam Waterbase Pillow Features

  • Waterbase pillow with firm foam support and a cooling gel top layer for optimal patient neck support at night.
  • Provides superior adjustability, alignment and support for maximum comfort and pain relief.
  • Features 3 components for comfort and support: cool gel top layer, firm foam spring center and a waterbase pouch.
  • Waterbase pouch can be refilled and adjusted for level of firmness provided.
  • As a patient shifts during sleep, pillow responds with movement to continue support.