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Why buy Capital Equipment from MeyerDC?

Purchasing a new piece of chiropractic equipment can be harrowing – but not if you have a partner you can trust to help you through the process, from the initial call, to delivery and setup…and even well into the service life of the unit.

That’s why so many chiropractors turn to MeyerDC for their capital equipment needs. They know we have not only the industry’s best chiropractic tools but the expertise and dedication to make the buying experience – and the ownership experience – a positive one.

New Chiropractic Equipment From The Top Brands

We don’t dabble in used or refurbished items. We sell new, factory-warranted equipment exclusively, from the biggest names in the chiropractic industry. So whether you’re buying a treatment table or an electrotherapy device, you can be confident we have the brand name, quality-assured products you’re familiar with and comfortable using.

Dedicated Equipment Team With Deep Product Expertise

Our sales team includes capital equipment experts who know their products inside and out, from standard specs to advanced features and options. This thorough knowledge not only informs their answers to your questions, but helps them guide you along the decision tree to make sure the product you’re ordering is the exact one you need. From order inception to delivery completion, you can count on our capital equipment experts to assist you in every way.

Regular Ongoing Communication

From your first inquiry about a product to the day you take delivery – and after – our team is ready to help you. We know it’s natural for questions and concerns to arise when a major purchase is involved. And we’re here to keep you informed, answer any questions, and put your mind at ease at every stage.

High-Touch Service

Our customer service staff takes a hands-on approach to helping customers. That means building relationships – getting to know you, your business, your needs. It also means having best practices in place to anticipate and avoid problems, and a dedicated issue-resolution specialist ready step in and resolve any that may occur, assuring a satisfactory outcome.

Consolidated / “White Glove” Delivery

At MeyerDC, we offer consolidated shipping, where we combine products from multiple vendors into a single, convenient delivery. Our “white glove” delivery service includes uncrating, any needed assembly, installation, and cleanup by a professional two-person team. Whatever your level of service expectation, we’re ready to meet it.

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Maintenance and Repair Services

To keep your equipment working smoothly and efficiently, MeyerDC offers convenient maintenance and repair services, including:

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Annual lubrication, cleaning and adjustment of your equipment is key to keeping it in top condition. A maintenance contract is a smart investment in the life of your equipment.

Electrical Safety Checks and Service Calibrations

Electrical Safety Checks and Service Calibrations

For electrical equipment, it’s always wise to have a technician conduct annual electrical testing, calibration and measurement of proper electrical output. This service can be scheduled through a service contract or a technician can be dispatched on an as-needed basis.

Onsite Repairs

Onsite Repairs

In the event that you experience an issue with your equipment, just call us and we’ll send a technician to your site to make the repair. Includes strength units, cardio equipment (bikes, treadmills, etc.), treatment tables and hydrocollators.

Upholstery Repair

Onsite Upholstery Service

We offer onsite upholstery repair for chiropractic tables – flexion distraction tables, decompression/traction tables, massage tables and others – saving you hassle and downtime. Just call us and we’ll schedule the service.

Capital Equipment Inventory Management

Capital Equipment Inventory Management

This service is particularly beneficial to larger practices with multiple pieces of equipment and/or multiple locations. The technician, when servicing the equipment at a particular location, creates an inventory list of that equipment. This report makes it easier for the business owner to keep track of the type of equipment at a location and the condition and age of each unit. It’s great information to have when budgeting for new equipment purchases or for deciding if a piece of equipment could be repurposed at another location.

Tax benefits and capital equipment financing options

Tax benefit considerations

The tax ramifications of an equipment purchase can be substantial. MeyerDC works with you to help you realize the maximum tax benefits from your purchase – whether that’s making sure your capital equipment budget is utilized properly or suggesting you consider a model that not only suits your needs but also qualifies for an ADA-compliant tax credit.

Financing options

MeyerDC is not a lender, but we do partner with finance companies to offer competitive rates for a variety of customers and situations. We can even refer new businesses to alternate sources of financing as needed, and we offer equipment lease plans for those who prefer that option. Whatever your situation, we will work with you to quickly find a suitable financing solution.

Bottom Line

At MeyerDC we appreciate the trust you place in us when you pick up the phone and call about a piece of equipment. And we’ll repay that trust by making sure you get the model and features you want – at a price you can afford – delivered when you need. Every time.

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