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BodyMed Digital TENS Unit for Treating Chronic Pain and Injuries at MeyerDC.


Fully Digital TENS Unit

Item # W-ZZAEV810

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Treat Chronic Pain and Injuries with a BodyMed Fully Digital TENS Unit

The BodyMed Digital TENS unit effectively treats different areas of the body with ten pre-set treatment programs. This modern, two channel unit is fully digital with a light up LCD screen and no knobs. A lock feature ensures you do not accidentally change the treatment program by grazing or bumping the device. The unit comes with two 9V batteries and an AC adapter.

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BodySport Digital TENS Unit Features

  • Treat neck, lower back, arms, and legs with 10 pre-set treatment programs.
  • Interface is easy to use and fully digital with light up LCD screen and no knobs.
  • Lock feature ensures you do not accidentally change program settings mid-treatment.
  • Portable with two rechargeable 9V batteries and an AC adapter
  • One pack of electrodes and two lead wires also included
  • Dual channels allow you to treat two areas simultaneously.
  • Pulse width varies from 80 to 260 microseconds.
  • Pulse rate adjusts between 5Hz and 125Hz depending on the selected program
  • Treatment time can be set to 30 minutes.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or licensed practitioner.
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.