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Disposable Pillowcases (Tissue/Poly) & More at MeyerDC™

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Disposable Pillowcases (Tissue/Poly)

Item # W-ZZR121

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Disposable, Tear-Proof Pillowcases

BodyMed®'s combination Tissue/Polyester White Pillowcases give you everything you need in a disposable pillowcase and more. Soft and absorbent, these disposable pillowcases guard against spills and stains, and aid in preventing the spread of infections. Their tissue/poly construction forms a moisture barrier for added patient comfort. The soft tissue absorbs fluids, while the tough polyester adds strength to prevent tears and rips. These white disposable pillowcases are available in a standard size of 21" x 30". They are available in 100 per case.

Disposable Pillowcases (Tissue/Poly) Features

  • Absorbent, disposable pillowcases.
  • Guard against spills and stains, and aid in preventing the spread of infections.
  • Constructed with tissue and polyester.
  • Size: 21" x 30".
  • Color: white.
  • Available in 100/case.


21" x 30"
Unit Of Measure:
100 Pack
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.