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NEW! Cold Packs

Available in Blue Vinyl or Black Urethane

These all-new, adaptable cold packs give
you quality that matches the leading brands.

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Durable, flexible BodyMed® Cold Packs make cold therapy convenient.

Cold therapy is a time-tested and effective tool for reducing pain, swelling and inflammation, treating injuries, and mitigating the discomfort of chronic conditions. New BodyMed flexible, reusable cold packs make it easy and convenient for a chiropractor to provide therapeutic cold treatment to patients. Be sure to add them to your hot and cold therapy toolbox.

Their practicality, ease of use and affordability can also make these gel ice packs a popular retail item for your chiropractic clinic.

BodyMed® Cold Packs - Durable


BodyMed cold packs feature robust covers that resist tearing and splitting, and they are securely sealed to prevent leaking. Their rugged construction allows these freezer packs to be used over and over again.

BodyMed® Cold Packs - Pliable


The flexibility of BodyMed cold silica gel packs, even when frozen, makes them easy to handle and apply to your patient, as they can be shaped to the specific area needing treatment. Their “softness” is more appealing to patients than a hard block of ice or conventional ice pack, encouraging better compliance with a cold therapy protocol.

BodyMed® Cold Packs - Effective


Applied to the body, cold packs are a proven non-pharmaceutical remedy for a variety of joint and muscle pain, swelling and inflammation. Be ready with BodyMed cold packs when patients present with these issues.

BodyMed® Cold Packs - Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

BodyMed reusable gel ice packs are available in multiple sizes to provide optimal coverage to the affected body area, from a sprained wrist to an aching back.

BodyMed® Cold Pack, Blue, Vinyl

Durable Blue Vinyl Cold Pack

BodyMed standard cold packs feature a durable blue vinyl cover that is resistant to splitting, tearing, cracking and punctures, and repeated cycles of freezing and thawing, making them a product you can trust for reliable, mess-free cold therapy.

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Extra Heavy Duty Black Urethane Cold Pack

BodyMed heavy duty cold packs feature a black urethane cover that provides an even higher level of durability and leak resistance. It is an excellent choice for clinics that regularly offer cold therapy to patients.

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BodyMed® Cold Pack, Black, Urethane

Available Sizes

BodyMed® Cold Pack, Half Size

Half Size - 12"x7"

Suggested Applications: Foot, Ankle, Shin, Calf, Quad, Forearm, Elbow, Hand, Wrist, Lower Back, Neck, Forehead

BodyMed® Cold Pack, Standard Size

Standard - 14"x12"

Suggested Applications: Back, Quad, Hamstring, Calf, Shin

BodyMed® Cold Pack, Oversize

Oversize - 21"x13"

Suggested Applications: Back, Quad, Hamstring

Neck Contour

Neck - 23" Long

Suggested Applications: Neck