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Straight Knee Wrap for Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System & More at MeyerDC™

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Game Ready

Knee Wrap

Item # W-GME105

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Game Ready® Knee Wrap Wrap is What Your Knee Needs

The Game Ready Knee Wrap (Straight) is specially designed and intended for use with the Game Ready Injury Treatment System. A recognized leader in treating musculoskeletal injuries and aiding in orthopedic surgery rehab, the Game Ready Knee Wrap features a patented dual-action ATX™ design that brings ice water and air simultaneously to the knee tissues via the wrap. Combining compression and cold, the Game Ready Knee Wrap helps reduce swelling, aids in the elimination of muscle spasms and helps reduce pain. Recommended for ACL and collateral ligament injuries and post-surgeries, meniscus tears, partial and total knee replacements, tendinitis, patella tears and more. The Knee Wrap comes in one size fits most and can be used on either knee. Working together, the entire Game Ready system brings cold therapy directly to injury sites for accelerated, natural healing.

Knee Wrap (Straight) Features

  • Designed for use with the Game Ready® Injury Treatment System.
  • Straight knee wrap has dual-action for cold therapy treatments.
  • Inner 2-chamber heat-exchanger.
  • Velcro-like closure for fit and comfort.
  • One size fits most (17 x 32 circumference at top, 24 circumference at bottom).
  • Assembled. Outer sleeve (sold separately).


One Size Fits All
Body Part:
Assembled Straight Knee Wrap, Knee Sleeve
Unit Of Measure:
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.