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Web Pro Gloves

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Double the Intensity of Your Upper Body Workout with Aqua Gloves

The AquaJogger Web Pro Gloves amplify the pull of a swim stroke, resulting in 100% more resistance than swimming bare-handed and adding intensity to your upper body movements. Made of a comfortable 4-way stretchy material, the Web Pro Gloves feature a unique webbing system with a thin, flexible sheath that catches and cups the water. Use your aqua fitness gloves to increase your workload and gain a better "feel" for the water. To adjust the intensity and resistance of your water gloves you can increase or decrease the speed of your movements or spread, contract, cup or curl your fingers into a fist to adjust the surface area.

Web Pro Gloves Features

  • 80% of men wear large; 80% of women wear medium.
  • Made of anti-microbial polyolefin material.
  • Chlorine, bacteria and fade resistant.


Large, Medium, Small
Anti-Microbial Polyolefin
Aquatic Gloves
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