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X-Cuffs Aquatic Resistance Cuffs & More at MeyerDC™

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X-Cuffs Aquatic Resistance Cuffs

Item # W-JOG110

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Beef Up Your Workout with Less Impact on Your Knees

A versatile piece of aquatic equipment, X-Cuffs by AquaJogger can be worn on your ankles or wrists to strengthen muscles in your arms and legs. Use them in deep or shallow water to increase your cardiovascular workouts, reduce impact on your knees, or get over a weight-loss plateau. The aquatic cuffs won't prevent you from touching the bottom of the pool, so you can dance, jog or jump your heart out. They add resistance without knee torque. Durable X-Cuffs are easy to use and made of soft foam, so they're comfortable to wear. For an even better workout, combine with the AquaJogger Buoyancy Belt.

X-Cuffs Aquatic Resistance Cuffs Features

  • Includes 2.
  • Easy-to-use closure system; no parts to lose.
  • Made of durable, chlorine resistant EVA foam.
  • 1 size fits all.


Ankle Weights
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