Do you use electrical muscle stimulation to stop back spasms? Or a TENS unit to block pain signals and release endorphins? If the answer is yes to either of those, you know how often you have to purchase electrodes.

Fortunately, whatever size, shape, material or configuration of electrode you need, you can be sure MeyerDC is ready to keep you supplied.

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Choose from multiple types of electrodes and accessories to suit the needs of your clinic.

Foam- and fabric-backed; conductive rubber and sponge types; and flexible carbon and silver are just some of the electrodes available through MeyerDC. You’ll also have your complete choice of shapes, whether it’s square, round, oval, butterfly or rectangular. Our product stock also lets you choose, single-use or reusable, and offers specialty features such as aggressive adhesive or materials for sensitive skin.

Start browsing now. Or call us and one of our experienced business development managers will gladly help you find the electrodes you want.