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CRYODERM & CryoDerm Heat

Using herbal ingredients from around the world, CryoDerm promotes natural healing and improves quality of life for people in pain. All CryoDerm products are made in the USA.

Why Choose CryoDerm?

CryoDerm products include warm therapy, cold therapy, myofascial cream, and a daily anti-inflammatory dietary supplement called ReZume. All CryoDerm products are made with natural ingredients in the USA. CryoDerm does not test its products on animals and all of its packaging is 100% recyclable.

"Our patients demand CRYODERM over other products we have sold in the past. It offers superior pain relief and lasts on average of 4-6 hours. CRYODERM creates passive income while at the same time helping patients control their pain between office visits."

-Dr. Billy B., DC

Cold Therapy

  • Relieves swelling, pain, spasms.
  • Cold as ice, but easier to use.
  • Key active ingredients: menthol, camphor, capsacin, essential oils, natural extracts.

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Heat Therapy

  • Relieves stiffness and pain from chronic conditions like bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis and joint pain.
  • Long lasting warmth that penetrates deeply.
  • Key active ingredients: peppermint, arnica, eucalyptus, ilex, and many more.

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CRYODERM and CryoDerm Heat are useful in almost every part of the chiropractic clinic.

  • Pre and Post Adjustment. Make adjustments more comfortable and reduce discomfort afterward.
  • With Ultrasound. Allow to dry fully before applying an FDA approved coupling gel/lotion. Keep in mind the CryoDerm products will enhance the treatment’s sensation so consult with the patient while performing the procedure.
  • With Electrical Simulation. Use in between and around pads, NOT on pads as you could burn the patient. CryoDerm will prolong the effects of electrical stimulation treatments.
  • After Cold Therapy. Applying CryoDerm after cold therapy allows your patient to enjoy the anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising, and anti-spasmodic effects of the treatment longer.
  • Pre or Post Moist Heat Therapy. Apply 5-10 minutes before or after moist heat therapy, but not during. Use CryoDerm Heat to enhance and prolong the warmth and benefits of the treatment. Or, apply CRYODERM for a contrasting sensation after removing the hot pack.
  • Range of Motion Therapy. Release muscle spasm and reduce swelling and inflammation to increase range of motion. The comfort Cryoderm products offers leads to greater patient compliance.
  • At-Home Use. Earn additional revenue and ensure patients stay comfortable between sessions by retailing CryoDerm products in your practice.

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Myofascial Cream

Myofascial Cream provides the same glide to resistance ratio to help clinicians reach deep into tissues. Use Myofascial Cream with stainless steel or other tools for tissue mobilization.


Rezume is an oral tablet that uses natural ingredients to fight inflammation and inhibit pain signal responses. It provides fast, long-lasting pain relief allowing arthritis sufferers and others who suffer from joint pain to Rezume their daily activities.