Core Products

Core Products was founded to make people feel better with comfortable, easy-to-use products. More than 25 years later, its offerings include pillows, innovative orthopedic supports and braces, hot and cold therapy supplies, electrotherapy units, massage products, and more.

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Core Pillows

Core Pillows’ unique designs support the head and neck to provide proper alignment and relieve neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and even snoring. Available in fiber and foam, Core’s popular pillows are made in the United States.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows

You can tell by looking at them that Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows are not your average pillows. Created by an ergonomic designer and a chiropractor, this pillow keeps the spine aligned for more comfortable sleep and less pain and stiffness in the morning. The Therapeutica’s unusual design offers support in all sleeping positions including back, side, or a combination.

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Soft Comfort CorPaks can be frozen to control swelling after injuries like strains and sprains or warmed in the microwave for muscle relaxation, or headache relief. CorPaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes specifically designed to soothe any part of the body. These durable packs are filled with non-toxic, biodegradable materials and are meant to be used again and again. Like 99% of Core’s products, CorPaks are made in the USA.

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Core bracing products are designed for comfort and ease of use. From back support belts for heavy lifting to joint braces to prevent injury or support healing, Core has a durable solution for every part of the body. Core’s braces and other supports are crafted for various levels of breathability, compression, flexibility, and stability to accommodate any patient’s medical needs and preferences. A straightforward rating system makes finding the perfect brace a cinch. Core bracing products are made in Wisconsin.

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Core’s line of massage products includes everything you need to offer massage therapy in your practice. From the famous Jeanie Rub Massager and accessories, to cradles, pumps, and heat therapy equipment, you’ll be prepared to provide rejuvenating myofascial release and much needed relaxation. Like 99% of Core’s products, this line of long-lasting massage products is manufactured in the USA.