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Cork Heel Lifts & More at MeyerDC™

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G & W Heel Lift, Inc.

Cork Heel Lifts

Item # W-GWH102

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Alleviate Back Pain

Cork Heel Lifts are used by men, women and children who are dealing with leg length dissimilarities. Cork Heel Lifts are also used for therapeutic purposes, allowing patients who wear them to reduce lower back pain in a highly effective manner. They restore spinal balance, regulate oxygen consumption, support the user's pelvis and minimize disk wedging. Cork Heel Lifts are lightweight, available in different sizes and designed to ensure a perfect fit for any type of shoes (including men's footwear, dress shoes and work boots). Frequent transfers from one pair of shoes to another are not recommended. Cork Heel Lifts are usually secured inside the shoe using heel lift tape.


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Made from premium cork, covered by soft vinyl.
  • Well-insulated, providing a high level of protection against low temperatures.
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.