Name Change FAQs


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What’s Changed?

From our updated name to our all-new look, from online access to versatility, from information to personalization—almost everything.

What Hasn’t Changed?

Our commitment to providing doctors of chiropractic—traditional and multidisciplinary—with the largest selection, the most competitive prices, the latest and greatest products, the fastest checkout and shipping, and industry?-leading customer service.

What’s Better?

Everything. Because we do more than simply adapt to the needs of DCs and their patients. We lead the way, always analyzing and ever evolving to help doctors of chiropractic help patients live more balanced, active lives. So along with our updated name and all-new look, you’ll find product reviews and comparisons, expert advice, multimedia information, news on the latest trends, an account dashboard you can personalize, and a responsive design so you can access the site anywhere, anytime, and on any device.