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Willow Curve Digital Smart Laser

Willow Curve

Willow Curve Chiropractic Low-Level Laser Therapy Unit

Item # W-PTC500

Willow Curve Digital Smart Laser is a portable, low-level laser device for temporarily reducing joint pain and inflammation.

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Digital Smart Laser for Precision Pain Relief

The Willow Curve is a portable, low-level laser designed to help temporarily reduce joint pain and inflammation. This digital pain relief device is easy to use, has no side effects, and does not require any recovery time. Light and portable, this U-shaped device can be placed on various joints throughout the body for relief of swelling and discomfort. An adjustable Velcro® strap holds the unit securely in place for each 24-minute treatment.

When engaged, the Willow Curve utilizes a series of diagnostic sensors to gather information from the skin’s surface. The unit’s internal computer then uses the body’s responses to determine the algorithm that will deliver the optimal treatment. Once treatment begins, the unit’s combination of laser light and heat energies stimulates more than a dozen bio-physiological processes in the affected area, including: vasodilation, increased lymphatic flow, reduced nerve response time, and endorphin release, among others.

The Willow Curve is designed to provide effective and convenient treatment of muscle and joint pain in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, foot and neck (as well as headaches and certain non-acute conditions). The unit’s ability to relieve pain in multiple joints throughout the body makes it perfect for gym members and athletes who may be experiencing joint pain from injury or overwork.

Be sure to include the Willow Curve among your retail pain relief items, and recommend it as an alternative pain treatment for your members, especially those who can’t find sufficient pain relief through topical products.

Alternately, consider creating a rental program for your gym, providing the unit to members with a specific injury who could benefit from a short-term (30-day) treatment cycle. A rental program is a great way to quickly pay off the unit and generate residual revenue.

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  • Easy to use; two-button operation.
  • Fits around most joints.
  • Provides pain relief without medication.
  • Reduces joint stiffness.
  • Diagnostic sensors regulate treatments.
  • No harmful side effects.

The Willow Curve promotes and accelerates healing by:
  • Increasing blood flow through vasodilation to assist with pain relief and detoxification.
  • Increasing lymphatic flow and immune system response to aid in detoxification, reduce swelling, and inhibit production of new inflammatory cells.
  • Removing toxic debris from joints, reducing a cause of inflammation and pain.
  • Reducing nerve sensitivity and slows response time, reducing perception of pain.
  • Stimulating release of endorphins, also reducing perception of pain.