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RockBandRX Therapy Bands

Item # W-ROK203

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Deliver Quality Patient Care Without Increasing Costs

Enjoy the cut-it-yourself convenience RockBandsRX Therapy Bands provide within your practice. Designed for improving range of motion and helping patients to rehabilitate and prevent injuries, these latex-free therapy bands are a great addition to resistance training and mobility exercises. RockBandRX Therapy Bands are packaged as 150’ long, bulk rolls available in multiple color-coded resistances for progressive stretching and strength building regimens. Also included with each therapy band roll is an informational Movement Manifesto, great for displaying within your facility to easily present patients with effective movements and exercises, proper alignment and breathing, helpful hints and more.

RockBandRX Therapy Bands Features

  • Used to improve strength and range of motion in a clinical- or home setting.
  • Help patients rehabilitate injuries and reduce joint pain.
  • Packaged one band to a box, cut it yourself with 22 imprints.
  • Size: 150’ x 4.72”(45m x 12 cm).
  • Available in 5 color-coded resistances.
  • Made of TPE, a non-latex material.