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OmoTrain® Shoulder Support

Item # W-BFD117

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Securely Guiding the Shoulder to Support & Stabilization

The Omotrain Shoulder Support provides the stability and guidance that the shoulder joint needs to recover from surgery or injury. The shoulder support relieves pain by activating the soft muscle tissues, using a delta pad to exert intermittent compression to the area. The Omotrain Shoulder Support discourages painful circular movement of the joint, which impedes its healing; however, it supports other motions, such as lateral lifting movements, that strengthen the musculature. During movement, the compression knit applies a pressure massage that enhances metabolism and effectively reduces swelling. The Omotrain Shoulder Support's elasticity makes it easy to put on and take off, and the soft strap secures it snugly to the body. The chest area is left free to keep the torso cool and comfortable. A universal version is available to fit either the left or the right side.

Shoulder Support Features

  • Provides stability and guidance to the shoulder joint.
  • Delta pad provides compression on soft tissues.
  • Discourages circular movements.
  • Universal fit.


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